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I am now the owner of Target Tracker is a New Innovative Product! Target Tracker is "The Ultimate Target System"

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We are adding (2) of the Hunter Cam Cradle HD's to our Target Tracker as an Option for the Long distance 1/2 Mile Shot with wireless controls that feed back to a laptop for the Spotter to know where the shot lands! Awesome technology!

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Book your hunt with Circle T Ranch right here! And I will Film your hunt for Free and give you a DVD of your hunt!

HUGE NEWS SEE IT ON VERSUS TV: Melissa a handicapped hunter shoots Monster Buck! Contact me if you want the entire hunt on DVD!

Read Melissa's story and how it all came about!

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Hunting Michigan Public Land How to Guide


Stories and articles

The Basics of Bow Hunting- Free Basics of Bowhunting Videos!



Click here for Law Enforcement, Military, SWAT, Sniper application Video

The Target Tracker is a remote control device that can house any type of hunting or shooting target;

so it gives you the ability to practice on moving targets.

It is also great for Military, Law Enforcement, SWAT and Home Defense Training!

We also cover special applications for Conservation Officers to assist them with "Busting Poachers"!

Call me at (248) 770-9678 or Email TO ORDER YOUR TODAY!

introMission Statement:

I started this website to share with others the blessings of family, friends, wildlife and the outdoors. Not a lot of people have been blessed with the experience of learning hunting, fishing, and tracking. I was lucky these activities have been handed down for generations in my family and maybe you can do the same for yours.

Taking the first step helps bridge the gulf between our dreams and our accomplishments.

It has been said -- and proven time and again --  that wherever we are is where we can make a difference in the life of someone else. I have come to believe that our real purpose here is to make that difference. It doesn't have to be a big difference. Even a smile can change the outlook for someone we see on the street, or offering a comforting touch of the hand or arm to a friend who seems troubled.

The term synchronicity to describe the "meaningful coincidences" that bring people together who are meant to share a moment in space and time. We need not worry about the orchestration – that part has already been planned. And the outcome of the meeting is left in the hands of the Greater Power who saw reason for the meeting.

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We will be on Versus TV in DECEMBER featured on Campbell's Outdoor Challenge winning the 2009 Whitetail Qualifier! THEY ARE ALSO AIRING A HANDICAPPED HUNT THAT I FILMED LAST YEAR!

It is Food Plot Season so contact us to create a wildlife habitat that will help you be a sucessful hunter and videographer!

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